Rid of Me Stonewash Burgundy T-Shirt

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Featuring photography by Maria Mochnacz.

"The first time I ever heard Rid of Me, I wasn't quite sure what I'd just heard - it didn't fit into anything I had heard before. It made me think that the portrait for the artwork had to be a bit startling too.

I had the idea of photographing Polly in pitch black, with a flash, and water, so that when she moved, the flash would freeze her hair dragged up from the water like a strange sculpture above her head.

My bathroom was small, so I had to set up the camera with a shutter release cable on a tripod butted up against the wall, in complete darkness. I asked Polly to try and aim her gaze at one particular spot. I took about 12 or so frames - and this was the one that worked." - Maria Mochnacz

Custom PJ Harvey neck print. Printed on 100% organic Fairtrade cotton t-shirt. Machine wash at low heat.

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