The Virtues Soundtrack (LP)

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Various Featuring Original Music by PJ Harvey - The Virtues (Television Series Soundtrack) Vinyl.


  1. PJ Harvey– The Lonely Wolf
  2. Lisa Hannigan– Flowers
  3. PJ Harvey– Death
  4. Aphex Twin– Gwely Mernans
  5. Micah P. Hinson– Beneath The Rose
  6. PJ Harvey– Submerge
  7. Toydrum– Jesus Song (Rival Consoles Rework)
  8. Gazelle Twin– Cutting Into Flesh
  9. PJ Harvey– Prayer
  10. Mono (7)– The Flames Beyond The Cold Mountain
  11. Ted Barnes– If The Truth Hurts
  12. Set Fire To Flames– When Sorrow Shoots Her Darts
  13. PJ Harvey– Subterranean
  14. PJ Harvey– The Crowded Cell